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Scott Glauberg

Vice President, Acquisitions

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Scott Glauberg is a Partner and Vice President for The Becker Organization (“TBO”).  With a focus on pursuing new acquisitions and development opportunities, Mr. Glauberg actively oversees the direction and growth of the firm.  He is responsible for managing the negotiation of purchase contracts, structuring of debt and equity, and guides all assets through each phase of the investment life cycle.


Mr. Glauberg joined the firm in 2008 as an acquisition analyst.  In response to the firm’s growth throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and his significant influence on procedures, Mr. Glauberg was named Director of Operations for the Maryland portfolio in 2010.  During this time, he played a key role in the streamlining of TBO’s operations with a focus on modernization to ensure flexibility while the firm expanded into new markets and asset classes.  In 2013, Mr. Glauberg was named Director of Acquisitions, allowing him to focus on the strategic growth of TBO.  While the real estate portfolio continued to grow, he contributed to the diversification of the firm’s resources through the expansion into alternative investments.  He was named Vice President for The Becker Organization in 2021. 

Prior to joining TBO, Mr. Glauberg built a foundation for commercial real estate operations at Time Equities, Inc. With a background in both engineering and economics, his experiences and education provide for a unique, well-rounded perspective in all aspects of the real estate investment cycle of a wide range of asset types.  

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